Take the Kindr Pledge

We believe that a simple compliment can make a big difference –
and millions of them can change the world.

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, we’re launching the Kindr Pledge. We believe that kindness is one of the most powerful ways to combat bullying, and that if we all commit to being Kindr, we can get rid of bullying entirely. But that’s a big goal, and we know we can’t do it alone. It takes a commitment from each and every one of us, even if it’s just a little bit every day, to use our words and actions to lift up our friends, coworkers, family, and neighbors – and then to encourage them to do the same. Doing so creates a virtuous cycle of kindness that can help all of us live happier, more meaningful lives.

By taking the Kindr pledge, you promise to:

  • Spend a few minutes of every day making someone’s life better through kind words and/or acts.
  • Actively promote an end to bullying by setting a good example both on and offline.
  • Encourage friends and family to support the mission to make the world a Kindr place by taking the Kindr pledge, too.

Click here to take the pledge and electronically sign now.