Below are some general questions about Kindr we get asked a lot. For more specific questions about product functionality, please visit our Product FAQs. And as always, please feel free to contact us (support@kindr.me) with any other questions, or just to say “Hi!”

What is a Kindr?

A Kindr is a visual message sent to brighten someone's day. They are usually thoughtful, or funny (and sometimes both). Kindrs have two parts -- an image or gif, and a note.

What are the key features of the Kindr app?

Kindr makes it fun and easy to brighten someone's day by sending thoughtful, visual messages:

  • Send images and gifs with thoughtful notes.
  • Trending, featured and categorized feeds allow users to browse Kindrs for inspiration, until they find just the right one.
  • The Kindr Creator allows users build their own Kindrs using images and gifs from their phones or from the Web.
  • The leaderboard lets users keep track of how many smiles their Kindrs have caused, and compare that number with their friends.
  • In partnership with Huffington Post, Kindr provides a “Good News” feed that reports the inspiring acts of kindness that take place all over the world.

Why was Kindr created?

We wanted to make it fun and easy to be kind. We think making friends smile is a worthwhile cause, and it turns out research shows that people who are kind to others ultimately become healthier and happier over time.

I don’t have an iPhone. Can I still be a part of Kindr?

Building an Android app is a high priority. In the meantime, we know it's not optimal, but in the meantime maybe borrow a friend's iPhone, sign them out, and then sign yourself in?

Also, rest assured that anyone from any web-enabled device can still receive Kindrs that are sent to them.

What are the benefits of using Kindr?

Studies show that practicing kindness has numerous physical and mental health benefits. The Kindr app makes it easy to practice kindness every day by sending short, thoughtful messages to your friends and family. Plus, our Good News feed featuring curated stories of kindness from the Huffington Post can serve as inspiration for more ways to be kind.

How can I download Kindr?

Click here to download the Kindr app now in the App Store.